Roller putty 627

Roller putty 627 is a ready-mixed medium putty, suitable as a roller-applied full plaster of plasterboard.

Sparkle is used indoors in dry rooms, its consistency makes it ideal for full plastering of walls and ceilings, where the structure of tissue, wallpaper or the like is to be removed. The product is applied easily and quickly with a roller, and an optimal finish is achieved by leveling with a wide squeegee. The method leaves behind a perfect trowel, where the need for sanding is minimal.

Roller putty 627 is CE-marked in accordance with EN 13963 and fulfills the requirements for skate plastering on plasterboard.

Roller spatula 627 is suitable for overpainting with dispersion and alkyd paints.

This product is the Nordic Ecolabel.


Area of ​​application: Dry rooms, Full spackle, Indoors, Lightweight concrete, Movement joints, Pus

Product tags: 15 LT