Quick Filler 614

Quick Filler 614 is a fast-hardening water-resistant cement-based powder putty for the repair of large and small damages, cracks and unevenness, as well as for casting metal and plastic items. Can be used both outside and inside.

Quick Filler 614 is used for spreading most substrates, such as e.g. plaster, concrete, lightweight concrete, plasterboard, wooden boards, etc. Can be applied in very thick layers without risk of shrinkage or shrinkage cracks.

Quick Filler 614 is particularly suitable for casting and repairs in connection with electricity and plumbing work, e.g. when fixing electrical sockets, cables, supports for radiators, downpipes, handrails etc.

Is also suitable as a waterproof putty in “wet rooms” and can support tiled coverings and similar heavy coverings.

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