PU Construction joint 532

PU Byggefuge 532 is a fast-hardening 1-component, highly elastic polyurethane joint compound, for jointing and sealing of internal and external joints with large movements.

The joint compound is suitable as an expansion joint for large and small building elements as well as for traditional masonry, for jointing between frames and frames as well as between wood and masonry. Also suitable for sealing large front panels, non-load-bearing external walls, assembly of panels etc.

PU Byggefuge 532 has good adhesion to most building materials without the use of primer. However, Primer 960 is recommended for adhesion to materials such as PVC and aluminium, and Primer 961 for very porous surfaces.

PU Construction joint 532 has high aging resistance and can be painted over.

Product tags: Grey, White

Product tags: 300 ML, 600 ML