Narrow joint 509

Smalfuge 509 is a plastoelastic narrow joint compound based on acrylic dispersion.

Narrow joint 509 becomes transparent when hardened, and is used to fill in hollow grooves in frame wood, board joints, protection against water penetration at glue joints and similar places, where small joints and seals are required.

The joint compound is also suitable as a joint adhesive for e.g. wood, masonry, concrete etc., and generally has good adhesion to most building materials,

Smalfuge 509 is easy to process, can be painted over with most types of paint, and has good resistance when used outdoors.

The product is registered in the database for the building product, which can be included in Nordic Ecolabelled buildings.

Product tags: Transparant

Area of ​​application: Indoors, Sealing

Product tags: 20 ML, 300 ML