MS Parquetlim 268

MS Parquetlim 268 is an elastic, phthalate-free and fast-hardening parquet adhesive for gluing stick and mosaic parquet, raised-edge parquet, lamellar parquet, plank floors and brick floors to wooden, concrete, steel and aluminum substrates.

In contrast to water-based glues, MS Parquetlim 268 can in many cases be used on constructions where the relative moisture content is up to 85% RH.

The glue does not contain water, isocyanates or solvents, and hardens by a reaction with the humidity of the air.

MS Parquetlim 268 is indoor climate certified in accordance with EC 1 PLUS .

The product is registered in the database for the building product, which can be included in Nordic Ecolabelled buildings.


Area of ​​application: Bonding, Dry rooms, Gypsum boards, Indoors, Lightweight concrete, Three

Product tags: 10 LT, 5 LT