MS Joint glue 526

MS Fugelim 526 is a neutral curing 1-component hybrid polymer joint adhesive,

MS Fugelim 526 is moisture-curing and forms an elastic joint, which can absorb movements of up to +/- 20%.

Can be painted over, used outside and inside and has excellent resistance to climatic influences.

MS Fugelim 526 contains neither acid, solvent, silicone nor isocyanate.

MS Fugelim 526 is used for joints in the bodywork, ship and container industry, where a hard and durable gluing/grouting is desired. Particularly good adhesion to aluminum and PVC.

MS fugelim 526 is indoor climate labeled according to Emicode EC 1 PLUS .

MS Fugelim 526 meets the requirements of regulation EC No 1935/2004 regarding products that come into indirect contact with foodstuffs.

Area of ​​application: Bonding, Car body, Container industry, Doors, Frames, Indoors, Lightweight concrete, Montasje, Pus, PVC (hard), Ship industry, Stainless steel, Steel, Three, Utendørs, Ventilasjon, Vinduer

Product tags: Black, Grey, White

Product tags: 290 ML, 600 ML