Master silicone 574

Mestersilicone 574 is an all-round low-odor elastic 1-component sealant with an extra long working time. It hardens by reaction with the humidity of the air, and forms an elastic joint that can absorb movements of up to +/- 25%.

Mestersilicone 574 is used for all forms of construction, both outside and inside, and adheres to almost all surfaces without a primer. Particularly suitable for combined joints (i.e. different materials) as well as for facade elements, expansion joints and joints around doors and windows.

Mestersilicone 574 can also be used for wet rooms.

Mestersilicone 574 has excellent temperature resistance and resistance to climatic influences. Tested and meets i.a. ISO 11600 (F/G-25LM).

Product tags: Black, Grey, Silk grey, Transparent, White

Product tags: 300 ML