Light putty Våtrom 626

Lettsparkel Våtrom 626 is a ready-mixed putty with low density, high degree of filling and minimal waste, the high filling capacity and consistency make it easy to apply and sand.

The spackle is used in wet rooms for full plastering of walls and ceilings made of plaster, concrete, lightweight concrete, plasterboard etc.

Lettsparkel Våtrom 626 is CE marked in accordance with EN 13963 and meets the requirements for skate plastering on plasterboard.

Lettsparkel Våtrom 626 is suitable for overpainting with dispersion and alkyd paints.

The product is registered in the database for the building product, which can be included in Nordic Ecolabelled buildings.


Area of ​​application: Full spackle, Indoors, Lightweight concrete, Movement joints, Pus

Product tags: 1 LT, 10 LT, 5 LT