Fiber plaster putty 630

Fibregipspartel 630 is a ready-mixed putty compound, which has been developed especially for filling fiber gypsum boards with recessed trowel ends indoors in dry rooms.

The product has a flexible consistency, good adhesion and good filling ability, which makes it suitable for most troweling tasks on concrete, plaster, plasterboard, fiber plaster and the like.

Fibregipspartel 630 putty gives a robust and strong putty, which is easy to sand and provides a good basis for surface treatment. Fiber plaster putty 630 is suitable for overpainting with dispersion and alkyd paints.

Fiber plaster putty 630 is CE-marked in accordance with EN 13963.

Fiber gypsum putty 630 is indoor climate certified according to Emicode EC 1 PLUS

The product is registered in the database for building products, which can be included in Nordic Ecolabelled buildings.



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