Contact adhesive 281

Contact adhesive 281 is an all-round neoprene-based, easy-flowing contact adhesive for gluing dense surfaces as well as for gluing where immediate high strength is desired.

Contact adhesive 281 is particularly suitable for gluing wood, fibreboard and chipboard, plastic laminates, felt, natural and artificial rubber, leather, foam materials, concrete, glass, metals, etc. The glue cannot be used for polystyrene foam (flamingo), use the water-based contact adhesive instead DanAtac Aqua Contact 288.

The glue is water-resistant and can withstand temperatures from approx. -35 °C to +70 °C, depending on the strength requirement (contact adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive type, i.e. the strength decreases with rising temperatures). By adding 5% Contact Hardener 924, the heat resistance is increased to approx. +150 °C.

Product tags: 1 LT, 150 ML, 250 ML, 40 ML, 5 LT