Aquarium silicone 579

Aquarium silicone 579 is a strong, elastic silicone sealant, specially developed for the assembly of aquariums and terrariums. It is also suitable for all other glass assemblies where optimum strength is required. The grout has a high resistance to sunlight, changing temperatures and both fresh and sea water.

Aquarium silicone 579 hardens by a reaction with the humidity of the air, and forms an elastic joint, which can absorb movements of up to +/- 25%.

The joint compound has been tested and meets, among other things, the following international standards: ISO 11600 (G-25HM) and ISO 11600 (F-25HM). Also meets the requirements of DIN 32 622.

Area of ​​application: Indoors, Montasje, PVC (hard), Stainless steel

Product tags: Black, Transparent

Product tags: 300 ML