Compressed air gun T-22XP

High-quality grouting gun, made of glass-fibre reinforced nylon and with a lightweight aluminum cylinder. The gun is compact and works without a rod, which makes it light and easy to use. Minimal backflow thanks to the automatic blowing out of air when the trigger is released.

The working pressure is easily and quickly regulated using the adjustment wheel built into the shaft. The gun can thus be operated with one hand

Air supply: Max. 8 bars. Force of 1.60 kN (approx. 160 kg)

“Maintenance and repair of compressed air guns:

All hardened sealant/glue is removed from the gun daily, without the use of tools.

The compressed air connection and rods are lubricated daily with a few drops of compressed air oil (acid-free oil) to preserve the effectiveness of the seals.

Oil containing rust remover must never be used!

The dispenser and its parts must never be immersed in cleaning agents.

The compressed air connection must never exceed 8 bar.”