2K MS Joint Glue 527

2K MS Fugelim 527 is a 2-component MS polymer that can be used as both glue and sealant. In contrast to the traditional MS polymers, this product hardens by a reaction between the two components, and is thus not dependent on the moisture conditions at the place of use.

The joint adhesive is particularly suitable for metal elements, is fast-hardening and has a high initial strength. In addition, it is easy to apply at both low and high temperatures, using the special mixer system.

2K MS Fugelim 527 provides an extremely strong and easily flexible assembly, which is both temperature-, UV- and water-resistant.

2K MS Fugelim 527 can be heat cured and thus shorten the curing time significantly.

The product is registered in the database for the building product, which can be included in Nordic Ecolabelled buildings.


Product tags: Grey

Product tags: 200 ML