Enjoy collaboration between Vinderup Træindustri A/S and Dana Lim

Over the past few years, Dana Lim has worked on producing an environmentally friendly glue for Vinderup Træindustri’s glulam production for the furniture industry. The new glue has a very low content of formaldehyde, and it is specially designed for VTI’s production line, where it replaces the previous glue on one of the large machine lines, which the company has used over a number of years.

Vinderup Træindustri demands materials with a low formaldehyde content, as it is an area that is highly focused on among the company’s customers within the furniture industry. CEO Bjarne Andersen says:

– At VTI, we have proactive access to environmental improvements, so that we can constantly meet all the needs of our customers. Unfortunately, it is almost always the case that when you improve the environmental profile of a product, the properties also become worse at the same time. But after a long-term test course, the glue from Dana Lim has proven that it is possible to combine high quality and environmental thinking.

Quality in all stages of production

VTI is the glulam factory in the EU with the largest production capacity – of which approx. 2,500,000 m2 of glulam for furniture as well as timber loads and DIY stores annually. All the self-adhesive products used by VTI meet E1 standards for formaldehyde emissions, but with Dana Lim’s new glue, we have succeeded in lowering the formaldehyde content further. Bjarne Andersen tells:

– Although our glulam meets all existing standards in the area, we would like to go one step further, so that we can meet all future requirements from customers. In order to be competitive today, it is important to constantly develop your company and your products, and we want to help our customers with that, for example by reducing the formaldehyde content. But in order for us to continue to deliver a quality product, the glue’s adhesiveness must be top notch, and we have that task in collaboration with Dana Lim, the solution for now.

The flexible collaboration

– At VTI, we attach great importance to development and partnerships around development. It is innovation that we will survive on in Denmark – new technology gives us the opportunity to deliver a product of even higher quality to our customers, and that kind of development is incredibly important. It costs money to have a high-quality product, and therefore we gladly make resources available to Dana Lim, so that they can carry out thorough tests of their new adhesive product. At VTI, we ourselves use an independent German test center, so there is no doubt about the quality, says Bjarne Andersen.

Future requirements for space

Dana Lim’s Senior Chemical Engineer Bo Brehmer talks about the collaboration with VTI:

– VTI wanted to be able to guarantee their customers a limit value for formaldehyde of 0.6 mg/m 2 h, which is a big advance compared to a few years ago, where the limit value was as high as 3.0 mg/m 2. h. Our latest tests of the glulam from their production show a formaldehyde content of around 0.4 mg/m 2 h, so we have a solid basis for further cooperation in the coming years.

Industry manager Troels Mølgaard from Dana Lim adds:

– VTI expects us, as a supplier, to guarantee the quality of our product, which means that if there turns out to be a chemical fault in the glue, then we have an obligation to compensate. We stand 100% for our products, and that is the starting point for all our collaboration.

The local in the international

Dana Lim is a company that attaches great importance to the development of new adhesive types together with their customers, so that the right solutions are found together. It requires long-term thinking, where both parties use each other’s skills. Industry manager Troels Mølgaard states:

– We still have our production and warehouse in Køge, and that gives us important flexibility in relation to our Danish business partners. At Dana Lim, we have a constant dialogue with our customers regarding the development of future products, just as they can always call, if they have an urgent problem – then together we will find the right solution. Our collaboration with VTI is a good example of how we take our customers seriously, and we would like to create long-term relationships.