Control the passive fire protection

In order to equip DIY stores and wholesalers to provide the best possible advice regarding the use of the new Fireguard series, Dana Lim now offers courses to the stores’ employees. “The training has been a great success, as it has enabled us to give our customers the best possible advice”, says a store manager.

In September, Dana Lim launched the Fireguard product range, which facilitates the craftsman’s work in connection with fireproofing and effectively prevents the spread of fire, heat and smoke via installation penetrations and linear joints. Fireguard makes it easier for the craftsman to fireproof cables, pipes and ventilation ducts, just as the series also facilitates the work with fireproof grouting of windows, doors, partitions, attics, floors and floor separations.

Product knowledge enhances the service

In order to strengthen the users’ knowledge of how to create passive fire protection with the Fireguard series , Dana Lim now offers training to the wholesalers and hardware stores that distribute the products. At Knud Larsen Professionel, great importance is attached to the fact that the passive fire protection, which is carried out with the company’s products, is carried out correctly, so that the building meets the requirements in the event of a fire. That is why the teaching that Dana Lim offers is incredibly valuable, explains Jesper Klinge, who is the store manager at Knud Larsen Professionel:

– As a wholesaler, we experience that the authorities’ requirements for, among other things, registration, labeling and not least the guidelines for product use are becoming increasingly strict. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient knowledge to provide exactly the right advice to customers, as otherwise touch anxiety can quickly arise for fear of giving the wrong guidance on the use of the products, he says and continues: – There is an increasing focus on fire protection, and we can clearly sense a need for advice among our customers. With Dana Lim’s teaching behind me, I can confidently advise our customers on how to use Fireguard for passive fire protection, knowing that the installations will be approved by the fire authorities.

A time-saving and safe solution

When a building’s installation holes are not closed sufficiently or are made with the wrong materials, the risk of the spread of fire, heat and smoke rises considerably. The teaching therefore focuses on how the Fireguard products are used to safely close holes in walls, ceilings and floors after pipe and cable penetrations. And it has been a great success according to Jesper Klinge:

– Thanks to Dana Lim’s competent advisers and technical service we are now well equipped to provide the best possible service. Fireguard has been very well received by our customers, and the series’ popularity is due, among other things, to the fact that it is both a safe and time-saving choice. The products are already MK-approved, which saves the user a lot of time, as he can build the solution without having to apply for further approval, concludes Jesper Klinge.