When you spray apply your materials, you avoid cumbersome manual work and achieve time savings of up to 60%. At the same time, you work far more ergonomically when you use spray equipment rather than applying the materials with a brush or roller.

With the spray application of, for example, primers, glues and fillers, you achieve considerable gains in terms of working time. According to Wagner, there is a supplier of i.a. spraying system, it is of great importance to replace the hand-held method with a spraying system. On the one hand, the application itself takes far less time, and on the other hand you significantly reduce the need for subsequent adjustments.

Cut 60% of working time away
– Spraying with a plant is the future way of working, as it is efficient to that extent. With spray putty, you achieve a time saving of approx. 50% compared to manual application, while with spray adhesive you can achieve a time saving of approx. 60% compared to roller application. At the same time, you achieve a uniform application and thus a great end result, says Claus Christoffersen, who is sales manager at Wagner Spraytech Scandinavia.

Despite the fact that the spray application offers benefits in terms of working time, with this method you do not compromise on the quality of the work being carried out. You simply achieve a better result, as you have less efterarbejde. Likewise, spray application contributes to a higher degree of precision and uniformity.

Less physical strain
In addition, the spray application is a health investment. By using a sprayer, you reduce the risk of physical discomfort, as your body is not exposed to the same physical stress as when using a brush. Graco, which is also a supplier of i.a. spraying plant, says:

– Spray application is not only a time-saving solution, but just as much an ergonomic solution. The craftsman spares his body with this method, says Kenneth Lercke, sales manager at Graco.

Products for spray application
At Dana Lim, there is no doubt that spraying systems are the future. Therefore, the technical department has spent many hours getting the products for these systems to work optimally. When, for example, putty is to come out of a syringe, it is important that it is optimally distributed. This minimizes the need for adjustment. You thus not only save time on the actual application, but also on the subsequent processes. In connection with putty, for example, the subsequent sanding, which is normally a time-consuming process, is minimized.

Dana Lim has developed both glues, primers and putty compounds for spray technology. It gives you the opportunity to do everything from pre-treatment of the wall to finishing using spraying techniques (insert link to the products).

A good alternative
If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to use a sprayer to apply your materials, roller application is a good alternative. You achieve increasingly large time savings compared to application with putty, the result is more uniform and thus requires less finishing, and you work increasingly ergonomically, than if you just use a putty.