Quality products do not necessarily have to cost extra – quite the contrary. For a low-cost product, which does not deliver the promised results, can quickly lead to extra bills in the form of delayed work processes, unsatisfactory results and rework.

In the country’s hardware stores, quality products hang side by side with low-priced goods. Therefore, both professional craftsmen and private self-builders are often tempted by the low prices – especially when they are accompanied by promises of flawless results.

Dana Lim’s development manager Erik Andersen understands well why buyers are tempted to buy a cheap product, which promises the same as the more expensive alternative. But if you want to achieve a satisfactory result quickly and without problems, then according to Erik Andersen, quality is a parameter that cannot be avoided: “If you are working with putty, for example, the product quality is an important factor in achieving the best possible result, which neither requires excessive sanding nor very careful and time-consuming application to look nice. The good putty, on the other hand, optimizes the work process by making application as well as sanding simple and efficient”, explains Erik Andersen.

Quality products can be felt on the bottom line
At the contractor company One 4 All, they support Erik Andersen’s point of view and therefore do not compromise on quality. According to the company’s owner Michael Klæbel, quality products are an important parameter in day-to-day business operations, as it can be easily seen on the bottom line that the right products have been used to solve the task. He believes that the extra money is well spent, as quality products often provide the best conditions for carrying out the work quickly and without problems, whereas poor products can make the work ineffective, as they require greater effort to achieve a good result:

“As with all other craftsmen, customer satisfaction is the alpha and omega of our business – and here quality plays an important role. The result will be nicer and you can confidently present it to the customer knowing that the paint will not suddenly become glossy after a short time, because the sealant contains a lot of plasticizers, which seep into the paint”, says Michael Klæbel and continues: “Bad products quickly turn into money out of the window and can, in the worst case, result in losing the dissatisfied customer. So rather spend a little extra from the start and do the job right the first time”.

Make the right product choices with Technical Service
Michael Klæbel knows from experience that wrong and bad products cost money. He has several times experienced having to redo a piece of work as a result of having slacked on the quality: “One 4 All was once hired to install a railing on a building. Unfortunately, we used a poor quality adhesive, which was therefore not sufficiently durable. The result was that the railing did not hold, and we therefore had to peel it down, drill new holes and mount a new railing with a new glue – all in all, an incredibly time-consuming and not least costly process”, concludes Michael Klæbel.

Whether you are an industrial customer, a professional craftsman, an experienced do-it-yourselfer or a first-time self-builder, it can be difficult to find your way in the jungle of high- and low-quality products. Dana Lim therefore encourages anyone who is in doubt about the right product choice to contact Technical Service , who are always ready to provide advice and guidance targeted at any need.