We spend more time at home these days, and this is clearly visible at hardware stores around the country. Now we spend more time and energy renovating and upgrading our homes. But before you choose to renovate, choose building materials carefully. By choosing Swan Ecolabel renovation, you can get an even healthier home with lower energy consumption and a good indoor climate. With products from Dana Lim, it is easy for you to renovate with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Never before have Norwegians renovated their homes as much as now. All over the country, terraces are being built, painting is being done both indoors and outdoors, and the outdoor furniture must be ready before the summer season. Many hardware stores have seen an increasing demand for building materials in recent months. Just past we spend more time at home*.

Before choosing building materials for your renovation project, it is important to choose the right materials that ensure a good indoor climate. If you do not do this, you may risk moisture damage, poor ventilation or drafts when the winter season arrives.

Choose durable solutions

To create a good indoor climate, it is about choosing solutions that are durable, both physically but also when it comes to the environment. It is therefore important that you choose strong products that are certified as environmentally friendly. Rune Ludvigsen, Country Manager for Dana Lim Norway, which is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of glue, putty and sealant, says:

– Now we are in a time where more people stay at home due to the corona situation and therefore people spend more time upgrading and renovating their homes. It is therefore important that you choose products that are certified as gentle on the environment and yourself. And then it is important that what you choose to upgrade can withstand all kinds of weather and circumstances in the future. This is crucial for us Norwegians who live in a country with four seasons.

Ludvigsen continues:

– As an example, leaks between floors and walls can occur due to insufficient grouting. It can increase the homeowner’s heat consumption by 5 to 10 percent and cause drafts, which negatively affect the indoor climate in the house. By renovating according to the Nordic Ecolabel’s criteria, you can ensure that the renovation will last. Not just now, but also for a long time to come.

Healthy buildings with Swan-labelled renovation

In addition to using products that ensure a good indoor climate, you can also get help from Dana Lim with the extensive documentation work that Swan-labeled buildings often require.

Ludvigsen concludes:

– It is about ensuring that the products you have used are correctly registered and that traceability is clear. This way you can see which ingredients and components a building consists of. And this is something we help many of our customers with, as it requires more in-depth knowledge of our products.