The forthcoming building regulations BR15 tightens the energy requirements for construction. According to Dana Lim’s Sales Manager and board member of Fugebranchen FSO, Ole Krogfelt emphasizes that the professional joint contractor will therefore play a key role in construction in the future.

BR15 is on its way. And with the new building regulations come stricter energy requirements for construction. This also applies to the requirements for sealing buildings, where grouting is an important element.

Grouting plays a big role

With the new building regulations, a distinction is made between specific component requirements and an overall energy framework in connection with existing construction. It gives the builder freedom of choice and greater flexibility when renovating. Sealing of e.g. windows must therefore either meet some specific component requirements or form part of an overall energy framework for the entire building.

– Although the grouting contractor’s work is a relatively small part of the construction, the grouting of buildings will play a major role. The tightness and pressure test requirements are tightened in BR15, and this means that the tightness of the construction must be absolutely optimal. Therefore, sealing buildings becomes an important element in meeting both the specific component requirements and the overall energy framework, says sales manager Ole Krogfelt from Dana Lim, who is also a board member of the industry organization Fugebranchen FSO.

Professionals should do the work

With BR15’s stricter energy requirements, Ole Krogfelt considers that builders should choose a professional joint contractor to carry out the work of sealing buildings.

– If the sealing of a building is not carried out correctly, there is a risk that the building cannot pass the new pressure test requirements. That is why it is important that the jointing of buildings is carried out by professional jointing contractors, who have the right know-how regarding material selection and construction of joints. In this way, the client can ensure that the joint meets the specific component requirements, explains Ole Krogfelt and continues:

– In Fugebranchen FSO, we are trying to draw attention to the fact that you should use a professional to seal buildings, so that the buildings can live up to the stricter energy requirements in the upcoming building regulations. By choosing a professional, advisers and builders get a professional and not least durable piece of work carried out, which lives up to BR15’s strict requirements.

BR15 sets requirements for the materials

The stricter energy requirements in the forthcoming building regulations naturally impose requirements on the choice of materials.

– At Dana Lim, we have a wide range of grouts that meet the requirements for grouting buildings. We are also always ready by the telephones, where both private as well as tradesmen and industrial customers can get good advice and guidance on the choice and use of adhesives and sealants, concludes Ole Krogfelt.

The upcoming building regulations are expected to come into force on 1. August this year – one month after what the Danish Energy Agency originally expected. Period 1. August – 31 December will be a transition period, where you can choose for yourself whether you want to build according to BR10 or BR15. From 1. January 2016, only BR15 applies.