If you are going to grout in winter, it is important to be extra careful. As a general rule, grouting at temperatures below 5 °C is not recommended, but it can be done. Dana Lim therefore recommends that you take the following precautions:

· The grout must be stored at +15 – +25 °C before it is used.

· Dry and heat the joint surfaces, so you are sure that they are free of ice, snow and frost.

· The joint compound must be protected against snow, dust, leaves, mechanical impact etc.

It may be necessary to make a cover/block off.

When you grout in a temperature below 5°C, there is a risk of condensation, frost and ice forming on the joint surfaces, which will destroy the adhesion. The surface of the joint can also become dirty, as the joint compound takes a long time to form a film. Curing is much slower than when grouting at higher temperatures and can stop completely until the temperature rises again. Therefore, due to the extended curing time may be a risk of the joint slipping or the joint cracking.

Dana Lim recommends you use either Danaseal Construction 515 or MS Contractor 550. If you follow the above advice, you can grout in winter. Do you have any questions regarding grouting, whether in frost or not, our technical service is always ready to advise you.

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