Increased fire safety in construction must, among other things, is ensured through better building materials. This is the starting point for Dana Lim’s new Fireguard product range, which facilitates the craftsman’s work in connection with fire sealing and improves passive fire protection for installation penetrations and linear joints.

Dana Lim has just launched the Fireguard product range, which has been tested according to EU standards EN 1366-3 and EN 1366-4 and effectively prevents the spread of fire, heat and smoke via installation penetrations and linear joints.

In this way, the Fireguard series contributes to the building’s passive fire protection and helps to ensure that the building complies with the basic requirements for division into fire-related units as well as ensuring stability and escape routes in accordance with blue. BR10.

The basis for fire safety

Fire protection is roughly divided into two parts, namely passive and active. Active fire protection consists of the elements that are activated when the fire occurs, such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

Passive fire protection, on the other hand, includes the use of building materials, which increase the building’s inherent fire resistance without the use of special activation mechanisms or control signals. Effective passive fire protection therefore forms the basis for optimal protection of the building, so that human life is saved and material assets are not lost in the event of fire.

– Passive fire protection is of crucial importance for the performance of a building or part of a building in the event of a fire. Such protection is achieved either by virtue of the products used in the construction of the building or added to the building parts to increase their fire resistance, explains Bent Jensen, who is chairman of the specialist committee in the Security Branch Passive Fire Protection. He continues:

– It is of crucial importance that these safety measures are designed and installed correctly, so that the building meets the requirements in the event of a fire.

Now get those holes closed!

It is precisely the importance of correct security measures that has led the Security Industry Passive Fire Protection to launch the campaign “Close the hole!” in collaboration with the Danish Fire and Safety Technical Institute, Forsikring & Pension and the Association of Municipal Emergency Managers.

The campaign is aimed at performing craftsmen and focuses on closing holes in walls, ceilings and floors after pipe and cable penetrations. The risk of the spread of fire, heat and smoke increases considerably when the installation holes are not closed sufficiently or are made with the wrong materials. And it is precisely this risk that Dana Lim wants to counter with the new fire-resistant products. – Our new Fireguard series makes it easier for the craftsman to fireproof cables, pipes and ventilation ducts, just as the series also facilitates the work with fireproof sealing of windows, doors, partitions, attics, floors and floor separations, points out Lars Wulff, who is marketing manager at Dana Lim .

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