Construction: Dana Lim: Modern technology makes you efficient

Killer technology, sustainability and efficiency are all words that are on Dana Lim’s lips daily in the effort to constantly optimize competitiveness and improve working conditions for customers.
In the construction industry, there have been significant changes over the past few years. For example, an increased focus on efficiency and sustainability has meant that Dana Lim continuously focuses on modern technology and the development of environmentally friendly products. When there is a demand in the industry for the craftsman to work faster, great demands are placed on how Dana Lim streamlines production and the properties of the products, so that the user of them is competitive: “In order to be successful as a company, we have to make our partners as skilled as possible and we do this by offering products, which make building faster and create a good working environment. In other words, we ensure our own competitiveness by ensuring our customers’ competitiveness”, says Frank Blinkenberg, who is marketing manager at Dana Lim.

Investment in modern technology
In line with the high demands placed on the environment and efficiency, Dana Lim develops efficient products, there