Soon we will introduce our new buckets in 50% recycled plastic. Same design and durability, but with a CO2 reduction of 19%. Together with Dana Lim’s other measures, we are taking one step at a time towards the necessary green transition to be delivered in the coming years.

Many streams small, give a big stream. It is important that we as producers ensure a more sustainable production in the future. That is why we are embarking on a green transformation at Dana Lim.
Marketing Manager, Rass Gottschalck, says:

– With an increased focus on green conversion, the packaging on our products is a good place to start. Therefore, with the new pails made of reusable plastic, we have the opportunity to reduce the CO2 footprint by 19%, compared to the pails we use today.

We have implemented several measures to ensure the necessary green conversion to be delivered in the coming years. And the new pails are carefully selected because we do not want to compromise on quality.
Rass Gottschalck continues:

– When standing outside on the construction site, it is important that the bucket has the desired function. It is not enough that it is only sustainable, because if it breaks down faster, we cannot stand within the change. Therefore, we have found a pail that has the same good quality as before, but where the proportion of reusable plastic in the pail and lid is 50%.
Swan-labelled products are out first

The production of the new and more sustainable pails is not equivalent to normal packaging production. The raw material for the production of the new pails is partly produced from collected used plastic material, which has been sorted, cleaned and granulated again. After this, it is included in the normal packaging production. This means that the new bins are made from 50% recycled plastic and 50% new plastic.

Swan-labelled wall glue and putty are the products that are allowed to take part in the first rollout of the new bins. After that, we aim to change the packaging on the remaining product range to the new packaging. You can see an overview of our products that have the Nordic Ecolabel here.