We are moving towards greener times – and that also applies to the construction industry. To meet the demand for green solutions, and make it easier to carry out Swan Ecolabelled renovations, Dana Lim Acryl Extra 505 is launching. The grout helps to complete their range of Nordic Ecolabelled products for indoor renovation.

Environment and sustainability is a hot topic within the construction industry, and it’s no wonder, because the industry accounts for around 40 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Dana Lim, the Nordic region’s leading supplier of adhesives, fillers and sealants, has long developed solutions that meet the strictest requirements for environmental certification in Norway. For many years, they have had both Swan Ecolabelled glue and putty in their range, and now they complete the range with a brand new acrylic sealant – for overpainting. This means that it has become even easier to carry out Swan Ecolabelled renovations indoors.
One product – many benefits

Acryl Extra 505 can be used for grouting and sealing smaller cracks and holes in dry rooms, and has the same technical advantages as several of Dana Lim’s other acrylic sealants. It sinks minimally, is easy to apply, can be sanded and provides a perfect undercoat before subsequent finishing with paint.
In order to meet the growing need for products that meet the strict environmental and indoor climate requirements set by Nordic Ecolabelling, Acryl Extra 505 offers some additional environmental benefits.
Rune Ludvigsen, Country Manager at Dana Lim Norway, says:

– Today, the environment is an important topic in our industry. And Norway has always been at the forefront when it comes to using green solutions. Now it is more relevant than ever and then it is important for us manufacturers to listen to the market’s wishes and act accordingly, by developing new products that meet the environmental requirements.
Rune Ludvigsen concludes:

– We have always been proud of our green solutions, and therefore it is extra great to launch Acryl Extra, which helps to complete our range of Nordic Ecolabelled products. The joint compound is also phthalate-free, CE-marked and M1-marked. We are pleased to be able to offer a complete range of products that improve buildings and meet the green transition of the future.