There is good news for the dedicated users of MS Byggefuge 522. The popular MS polymer sealant is being launched in a new and improved version called Sealflex Hybrid. In addition to better elasticity and faster and better curing at even low temperatures, the upgrade ensures an open time of up to 90 minutes.

With the upgrade of MS Byggefuge 522, the loyal users of the popular classic have got a solution that both ensures a more efficient workflow and improved end results. The neutral moisture-curing construction joint, which has been a regular part of Dana Lim’s product portfolio for many years, is also changing its name and is now called Sealflex Hybrid .

Improved adhesion reduces joint slippage
Sealflex Hybrid is still used as a universal outdoor and indoor construction sealant in construction and industry. At the same time, the improved formula ensures a boost to the craftsman’s workflow thanks to a number of improvements. This applies not least to an improved adhesion, which minimizes the risk of joint grinding. At the same time, the range is being expanded with cement gray in bags, which makes it even easier to find a color that fits.

Another property, which has been given a boost, is the hardening. This means, among other things, that even at low temperatures, the sealant is able to harden completely, which minimizes the risk of joint slippage and cracks. Lars Wulff, who is marketing manager at Dana Lim, adds:

– The joint compound hardens by a reaction with the humidity of the air and forms an elastic joint. But with the optimized Sealflex Hybrid, the craftsman is guaranteed faster curing, which means that the joint can absorb movements more quickly, while minimizing the risk of dust and dirt on the surface. Combined with a CE class of 25LM, the faster and more uniform curing also ensures optimal elasticity.

Long opening hours make working time more efficient
According to Lars Wulff, there can be solid time savings to be had in the improved Sealflex Hybrid . This is not least due to the long opening time of up to 90 minutes, which gives the craftsman the opportunity to grout more before he glitters. At the same time, the increased flexibility makes it easier to press the mass out of the packaging.

– The upgrade is our attempt to deliver the best of silicone and polyurethane joint compounds, which MS Byggefuge 522 contains, but in a new improved version, which further optimizes the craftsman’s workflow, in terms of efficiency as well as results. At the same time, it is still completely odorless and neutral, just as it still has a unique resistance to climatic influences, he points out.

Like its predecessor , Sealflex Hybrid can be painted over and is particularly suitable for expansion joints, facade joints and sealing tasks, as well as for tasks where large movements and a strong seal are required.

As always, Dana Lim’s technical service is ready to answer questions regarding the use of Sealflex Hybrid. Sealflex Hybrid 522