Dana Lim, true to tradition, attended this year’s Carl Ra fair in Brøndby, where the atmosphere was good and spirits high all week. It was due, among other things, to the fact that Dana Lim had installed a ceiling-hung toilet above the stand for the occasion to demonstrate the strength of the installation adhesive TurboTack .

Again this year, Brøndby Hallen on Copenhagen’s west side was a meeting point for tens of thousands of happy craftsmen, do-it-yourselfers and hardware stores looking for bargains, when Carl Ra’s fair d. 23.-26. September ran out of steam. Among the many exhibitors was Dana Lim, true to tradition, who first and foremost sees the fair as a welcome opportunity to get even closer to customers.

Fantastic atmosphere all four days

– For us, the fair is primarily about getting out and meeting the craftsmen at eye level. We have many loyal customers, who come by during the fair days to have a good time. But also new customers, the Carl Ras people and the other exhibitors stop by and contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere, says Dana Lim’s sales manager Lars Aabech , who has been a regular at the Carl Ras fair for the past 18 years. He continues:

– The atmosphere has again been fantastic this year. We have received lots of input and knowledge from lots of both regular and potential customers. In the future, we will use this to develop both our products, service and advice, so that we cover our customers’ needs to an even greater extent.

Stands 100% for the quality

At this year’s fair, Dana Lim had not only filled the stand with good deals on well-known classics and newly developed special products. They had also chosen to demonstrate the strength of the particularly strong assembly adhesive TurboTack by mounting a toilet in the loft just above the stand, where the salesmen stood – exclusively using TurboTack.

– The ceiling-hung toilet gave rise to many funny comments and talk throughout the week. The toilet demonstrated in a very tangible way how important it is to use quality products that can stand the distance. At Dana Lim, we have never been afraid to put our heads on the block for the products’ quality, for which we stand 100% – or below, in this case, Lars Aabech points out.

One of the highlights of the year

In addition, the visiting joint contractors, bricklayers and carpenters could try their hand at TurboTack and Dana Lim’s other assembly adhesives on a demonstration wall brought along. At the same time, a video screen on the stand showed how efficient TurboTack is to work with, and that the mounting adhesive is also strong enough to support the weight of an adult man whose work shoes are glued to a ceiling.

– Carl Ra’s fair has always been one of the highlights of the year, and many of the customers make a trip out of stopping by, doing a good deal and saying hello. We therefore place emphasis on contributing to the good atmosphere by showing off the products in a cool way, rather than standing and talking a lot of dry technique, says Lars Aabech in conclusion.