As an extension of their green transition, Dana Lim has decided to replace plastic tubes with recycled plastic tubes. The decision covers at least 130,000 tubes per year and expects to reduce the CO2 footprint by more than 50 percent. Thus, another important step has been taken on the way towards the necessary conversion, which will be delivered in the coming years.

As the Nordic region’s leading producer of adhesives, fillers and sealants, Dana Lim is continuously developing its business with a focus on green conversion. Recently, the supplier has decided that the traditional plastic tubes for putty and fillers are to be phased out.

Now they are introducing a completely new generation of tubes made from Post Industrial recycled plastic. CEO Lars Christensen at Dana Lim says:

– Packaging forms a significant part of the construction industry’s environmental footprint. And as a manufacturer, we have an important responsibility for developing more environmentally friendly and gentle solutions. We are therefore in ongoing dialogue with our suppliers about the possibilities of lowering the environmental footprint even more. I am therefore pleased that we can now take another step in the right direction.

In concrete terms, the decision to phase out the traditional plastic tubes means a minimum of 130,000 tubes on an annual basis. Dana Lim is already well underway with the running-in of the new tubes at the factory in Køge, Denmark, and it is expected that by the end of March the shift will be completely completed.

Strong, light and flexible – but half the CO2

The new tubes are produced from surplus plastic from industrial production, and the life cycle calculations document that the CO2 footprint is 53% lower than the traditional plastic tubes. On the other hand, they work just as well as the old tubes, and therefore users will not experience any difference. Erik Andersen, Chief Technology Officer and CTO at Dana Lim, explains more:

– We make high demands on the packaging. For us, it is important that the craftsmen can always trust that the quality is top notch. That is why we have selected a type of plastic which, in addition to being greener, provides the same strong, light and flexible plastic tube. It is both easy to handle and work with.

It should be easier to build sustainably

The new tubes are just one of Dana Lim’s many initiatives on the way to a greener business. Dana Lim has recently become part of the KlimaklarSMV project, which is run by Dansk Industri and focuses on how businesses can adapt to benefit both the climate and competitiveness.

In addition, the business is involved in a new innovation project at the Danish Technological Institute on the development of a new bio-based adhesive. The project draws inspiration from how mussels attach themselves. Dana Lim is constantly working to develop both existing and new products, so they protect the environment and contribute to a better indoor climate and working environment.

Erik Andersen concludes:

– One of our most important tasks is to make it even easier for our customers to build and produce sustainably. It is not only about developing our solutions so that they are at the forefront of the requirements of the time, but also about providing advice and documentation that is required when a project is to be certified, for example.