In technical schools all over the country, carpenter apprentices sit on the school bench, when Dana Lim leads the way for a couple of hours of supplementary teaching in grouting and, not least, the correct use of grouting products.

As Denmark’s largest supplier of glue, putty and sealant, Dana Lim regularly provides training for carpentry apprentices in collaboration with vocational schools across the country. The teaching is offered free of charge by Dana Lim as a supplement to the students’ other lessons and aims primarily to equip graduating students from the carpentry program to master various grouting techniques.

Important to know the product characteristics
Lars Schultz is a subject teacher in carpentry and joinery at the Center for Construction at the vocational school Aarhus Tech, where Dana Lim has just completed teaching for 38 graduating students. He explains:

– Through practical as well as theoretical teaching, students are made more knowledgeable about different grouting products, including their properties and the properties’ importance for how the products are used correctly. At Aarhus Tech, Dana Lim’s grouting materials are a regular part of the teaching on the carpentry course. But as many of the products are relatively specialised, even for a subject teacher it can be strange to have an “expert” on the field in the form of a Dana Lim consultant, who really knows the products inside out.

– Grouting is not only about the right technique. If you are not equipped with sufficient background knowledge about the properties of the solutions and which products are to be used on e.g. brick, concrete, wood etc., then you quickly fall short, even if you have mastered the technique. In the worst case, the wrong product choice can become an expensive pleasure, he continues.

Theory and practice
In addition to strengthening their knowledge of the products’ properties, students are trained in various jointing techniques and methods, such as correct execution of joint constructions in connection with e.g. concrete walls and other tasks. The theoretical lesson is followed by a series of practical exercises, where the students are tasked with solving some concrete grouting tasks based on the knowledge they have just acquired.

– The pupils are asked e.g. a window frame or a door available, on which they are tasked with carrying out a joint solution with a range of Dana lim’s joint products. In this way, they get the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice, how to use the products correctly and deliver the right solutions, explains Lars Schultz.

Lots of successful experiences
As a sales consultant at Dana Lim, Bjarne Holm has been responsible for the implementation of a large number of teaching courses at various vocational schools. For Bjarne, the collaboration with the vocational schools is not just about making the carpenters of the future more knowledgeable about the use of joint primers, silicone and MS joint compound, F600 expanding tape, etc. It is also about arousing the students’ curiosity and opening their eyes to the countless possibilities that joint solutions entail:

– As future carpenters, there is no doubt that the students gain great value from strengthening their knowledge of the solution options that joint products provide. And you can clearly feel the excitement, when the practical exercises result in concrete successes in the form of a perfectly mounted joint compound. It is, among other things, experiences like these, which help to create the engaged users of the future, says Bjarne Holm.

Sales consultant Bjarne Holm