With Danaseal FDA 511, the craftsman has an FDA-approved neutral curing sealant, which is also easy to work with. “It has just the right combination of strength, fullness, resistance and elasticity, which makes it comfortable to process and install”, says Roskilde Fugeteknik, which specializes in laboratory and hospital solutions.

Roskilde Fugeteknik is one of the country’s leading contractors in the production of elastic joints in laboratories, sterile rooms and hospitals. Expectations for the FDA-approved Danaseal FDA 511 , which was launched in August 2014 for grouting in kitchens, clean rooms, laboratories, etc., were therefore high, as the solution was recently to prove its worth in connection with a larger domicile construction for one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies .

Time benefits and great results
– It is incredibly easy to work with. It is a ‘fine’ joint with just the right combination of strength, fullness, resistance and elasticity, which makes it comfortable to process and install, which also gives us a time advantage in the work, says joint fitter at Roskilde Fugeteknik, Otto Isaksen. At the same time, he points out that it is precisely the elasticity of the joint that creates the prerequisites for the excellent results:

– There are really good opportunities to make some nice cosmetic details and subtleties, even in places where it is difficult to get to. And that’s it, that’s the art in our work, he says about the elasticity of the sealant, which means that it can absorb movements of up to 25 percent.

According to Otto Isaksen, as a supplier of laboratory and hospital solutions, you meet a number of criteria, which often result in jointing of areas, where e.g. to be used for the production of medicine, laboratories, operating theatres, etc., very demanding. Not least because the joints must be applied, so they are easily accessible and can be regularly cleaned without problems:

– Maintenance and cleaning are essential for the lifetime of the joints, and especially in clinically clean areas, such as storage rooms for food or hospital equipment, all joints must be easily dusted off. This places demands on the softness and elasticity of the joint, and here there are advantages to be found in FDA 511 . And then it has a discreet smell, he elaborates.

Meets the world’s strictest quality standards
The silicone-based Danaseal FDA 511 is the first product in Dana Lim’s portfolio to be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which operates with some of the world’s strictest quality standards.

– With the FDA approval, the craftsman is guaranteed a more environmentally friendly working process without harmful substances. At the same time, he is free from unpleasant odors and strong vinegar fumes, as Danaseal FDA 511 is manufactured without the use of acetic acid, says key account manager at Dana Lim, Rasmus Qvist, about the emission-free sealant.

Danaseal FDA 511 has been developed for grouting in buildings for e.g. the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The grout is versatile and therefore suitable for a number of different materials, such as hard PVC, glass, enamel and stainless steel, just as it can also be used for delicate natural stone and marble tiles, as it does not discolour the stones.