Dana Lim has supplied glue, flow meters and not least services to Steens Group’s extensive glulam production. “An ideal collaboration” is the praise from Steens Group, which annually produces more than 1 million square meters of glulam.

Steens Group A/S is a versatile furniture manufacturer, which for more than 50 years has been one of Denmark’s leading exporters of do-it-yourself furniture.

The good service makes the difference
When Steens Group went looking for a supplier for its large glulam production at the turn of the year, it was crucial for the quality-conscious furniture manufacturer to find a suitable business partner who could supply the production unit with exactly the right products, dosing equipment and services.

According to Keld Dissing, who is QSE & Operating Manager at Steens Group, it requires products of the best quality to support the company’s extensive production, which, among other things, produces more than 1 million square meters of glulam panels per year. He explains:

“We primarily chose Dana Lim as our supplier, because they deliver a good service package. And you can safely say that the good service has contributed to the fact that our production has worked so flawlessly, says Keld Dissing and continues:

“Combined with Dana Lim’s broad technical knowledge and their understanding of our business and not least the requirements that our production places on the products used, they have been an ideal business partner”, he points out.

According to Keld Dissing, he has close contact with Dana Lim’s service technician, who has visited the production almost daily and inspected the machinery, playing an important role in supporting the daily furniture production.

Technical equipment saves time and money
The collaboration with Steens Group has, among other things, included the rental of some of Dana Lim’s machines, which are used together with the glue system. For example, Dana Lim has supplied computer-controlled flow meters to the glue plant, which ensure a 100 pct. exact dosage, when glue and hardener are mixed, so that the optimum breaking strength is achieved.

Dana Lim has also supplied a glue application unit, which results in a more accurate glue application and thus a reduced consumption as well as a smaller need for cleaning. Last but not least, Steens Group has been provided with Urealim and hardener. Keld Dissing explains:

“The glue system that Dana Lim has supplied is very suitable for our production method. At the same time, their technical equipment is very good. For example, their dosing system has helped to ensure optimal efficiency in production, and the rolling system has also supplemented our production very well. The result of the good collaboration with Dana Lim is that both the cleaning and the general processes in our glue department have become far more manageable”, concludes Keld Dissing.

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