Demands for more environmentally friendly materials are gaining ground everywhere in construction. As Denmark’s largest producer of adhesives, fillers and sealants, Dana Lim is therefore continuously developing its green profile, where i.a. contains a portfolio of Nordic Ecolabelled products, which comply with some of the Nordic region’s strictest environmental standards.

The trend in the country’s design studios and construction sites is towards a greater focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials, and thus the requirements for product development and documentation at the producers are being tightened.

That is why Dana Lim, as the market-leading supplier of adhesives, fillers and joint compounds for construction in the Nordic region, is continuously expanding its green product portfolio. Dana Lim thus has products that are certified according to the M1 indoor climate label and the EMICODE environmental label. The portfolio also contains products for BREEAM-certified construction and has recently been expanded with a series of Nordic Ecolabelled products.

A number of Dana Lim’s products are also completely phthalate- and tin-free, just as less use of solvents and isocyanates is another measure that promotes more sustainable building solutions.

Product development with the environmental hat on
The basic philosophy in Dana Lim’s product development has for decades been to substitute the harmful substances in the products with substances that both protect the environment, improve the working environment for the contractors and create a healthy indoor climate in the finished building. Not least indoor climate is something that we have a lot of focus on, as we partly do a lot of work to certify and document the products in accordance with the customers’ wishes. In part, we emphasize advising customers, so they get the most environmentally friendly products for their construction, explains Dana Lim’s laboratory manager Erik Andersen. He continues:

– We believe that the way forward is to protect our shared resources, and therefore we always wear our environmental hat when we develop new products and upgrade existing ones. In addition, we regularly contribute to a wide range of special projects, which are about optimizing resource utilization and recycling. By refining waste in the form of e.g. old wood, rubber and plastic give new value to the materials, so the burden on the environment is minimised.

No compromises with product quality
The launch of the Swan-labelled products was one of the main reasons why Dana Lim won the award for best exhibitor stand at this year’s Nyborg Convention, and Dana Lim also feels that he has gained access to a completely new market, which demands eco-labelled products.

– Customers must have the opportunity to choose the right environmentally friendly solution without compromising on product quality. With the Nordic Swan label, both the contractor, the designer and the user are guaranteed that the products’ chemical content is under control. Blue. the products have a markedly lower content of heavy metals, preservatives and organic solvents than the usual alternatives on the market, explains marketing manager Lars Wulff from Dana Lim.

Easy to work with
Dana Lim’s Swan-labelled products are Roller and Bazooka putty 627, Easy putty Medium Extra 623 and Tissue glue Extra 214. In addition to making a significant contribution to the promotion of more sustainable construction, all three products are characterized by being fast and easy to work with for the contractor. Both qualities have been important parameters in product development, says Lars Wulff:

– There is not much to be gained by building sustainably if it involves a less efficient construction process or complicates the work unnecessarily. Therefore, we have invested many hours in the laboratory to ensure that the high environmental and indoor climate requirements were met, without going beyond the products’ construction technical properties. This means that the choice of the green alternative becomes easier, as you get the same high product quality, but with significantly fewer burdens, he concludes.