The Nordic region’s leading producer of glue, putty and sealant receives the “Great Place to Work” certification in Denmark and is thus officially one of the country’s best workplaces. The assessment includes the other Nordic markets, Norway and Sweden.

A good work culture that focuses on well-being, trust and professional pride has always been at the top of Dana Lim’s agenda. The effort has been stamped with a certification from the international consulting company Great Place to Work.

We are very proud of the certification. Although we are aware that we have many satisfied employees, the certification is proof that we are actually among the country’s best workplaces. And that we are also at the top compared to other production companies, says an enthusiastic CEO of Dana Lim, Lars Christensen.

Focus on development
In the run-up to the certification itself, the businesses have undergone a certification programme, where the employees evaluate the workplace on a number of different parameters such as credibility, respect and pride. In addition, the workplace’s culture and values are evaluated.

The activities are part of a three-year process, during which new measurements are carried out on an ongoing basis. It ensures that businesses can keep an eye on developments over time:

With the programme, we are on a three-year journey to continue to develop and to ensure that our employees are happy and satisfied. With Great Place to Work, we get some usable tools that ensure that we develop in the areas where we can still improve, explains Lars Christensen and refers to, among other things, the younger generation:

The survey shows that we are a workplace with room for everyone. This applies, for example, to gender and ethnicity and we are proud of the workplace. The survey also shows that in future we will have a greater focus on those under the age of 25. The younger generation has different behavior and preferences than the older generations. There must also be room for that, so we can keep them as employees for many years, explains Lars Christensen.

Important for the business

According to Great Place to Work, a good workplace is a place where you trust the people you work for, you are proud of the work you do and you feel a sense of community with your colleagues. Although the certification is primarily about the internal conditions at the workplace, to that extent it also has external significance, says the manufacturer:

When we have motivated employees who thrive and are happy to go to work, it naturally rubs off on our customers and partners. Therefore, it is a central part of our value base that we should be a good workplace and that we should make a targeted effort to become even better, says Lars Christensen.

The certification applies to Dana Lim’s Danish business, and the assessment covers the other Nordic markets where Dana Lim operates. Dana Lim is focusing on growth in Norway and Sweden over the coming years, and here the certification is an important element in the growth strategy.