The ongoing metro construction in the capital is so far the largest Copenhagen construction project in recent times. Fire Guard is used here, which has been developed to make the craftsman’s work more efficient in connection with passive fire protection. No less than 150 cable entries must be fireproofed with Fire Guard Board 930, which is particularly suitable for fireproofing joints around pipe entries.

The new metro lines are the biggest construction project in Copenhagen since Christian the 4th. built Christianshavn in the 17th century. In July 2019, the City ring with 17 new metro stations will be ready, so that passengers in the capital can get around the city easily and quickly. In order to strengthen the passive fire protection and reduce the risk of the spread of fire, heat and smoke in the Metro, Dana Lim’s Fire Guard Board 930 is used to fireproof approx. 150 cable entries.

Fire Guard Board 930 is a kit consisting of a fire board and four cartridges of sealant. The fire plate is a stone wool plate covered with a 0.7 mm elastic fire-protective coating on both sides. The joint compound is called Fire Guard A+ 566 and is a plastic water-based acrylic joint compound, which is particularly suitable for fire protection of joints around pipe penetrations, explains senior technical advisor Thomas Therkildsen from Dana Lim.

High adaptability and easy processing

The Fire Guard series has been developed to facilitate the craftsman’s work in connection with passive fire protection by, among other things, making the work with fireproofing of cables, pipes and ventilation ducts easier and more efficient. The stone wool panel in the Fire Guard Board 930 kit is pre-painted and ready for use. The plate just needs to be sawn to fit the various fire closures in Copenhagen’s Metro. Thomas Therkildsen elaborates:

– The approx. 150 cable entries in the Metro vary greatly. In some places there are five cables, while in other places there may be 50 cables. It is therefore important that the stone wool panels, where used, are easy to adapt. When the board is adapted to the fire closure, the included sealant is pressed out easily with a caulking gun between the cables and the stone wool board. It is an effective method to achieve a good and fire-proof result.

Brand safety at the forefront

In connection with the metro construction, Thomas Therkildsen has taught the construction managers and their people from the Italian company Comesvil how the Fire Guard products are used to carry out safe fire closures after the cable ducts.

– In the month of April, I taught them how to carry out fire closures with Fire Guard Board 930 . In that connection, I recommended that they carry out one fireproofing and get the fire authorities’ approval of this, before continuing with the remaining fireproofing in the Metro. In this way, they ensure that the fire closures are carried out properly, and that fire safety is top notch, says Thomas Therkildsen.